Manpower flight; manning the mission

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Magen M. Reeves
  • 325th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

The 325th Force Support Squadron manpower flight serves a very important role here at Tyndall.

The manpower team’s specific skill is they can analyze a problem and help find the hidden solution. They aim to improve overall manpower performance by managing requirements and resources in line with approved programs, strategy, goals, and priorities.

“We advise commanders and senior leaders on how to best manage their manpower resources, including unit manpower documents, organizational structure and how to accomplish the mission with the resources and assets they have available,” said Tech. Sgt. Cody Adair, 325th Force Support Squadron manpower analyst.

Leaders can, at times, come across a systematic problem or an issue which could benefit from a process improvement. Manpower analysts can help lead these changes by doing extensive research into the history of the unit, identify where the problem started and why, and then develop possible solutions with input from Air Combat Command. 

Analysts also comb through their Air Force Instructions as well as the AFIs of the unit they are assisting. They schedule interviews and talk face-to-face with Airmen and pull information from old unit records.

“I like to explain it by showing them this is were you used to be and this is what happened and why and this is where you are now,” said Adair.

Conducting a continuous process improvement means a system or process is broken down and evaluated to find where the problems are, to brainstorm possible solutions and to implement more efficient processes.

“We had an event where Airmen in the dorms were having a problem and nothing the base threw at it was fixing the problem,” said Adair. “But during a CPI, we were able to help all parties by developing a process so that those Airmen could have a better quality of life and it was a success.”

Adair said having visual representations of a problem helps put everyone on the right track and being able to physically see every step in a process clarifies what isn’t necessary. 

“We are the experts,” said Adair. “We advise the fighter wing commanders and senior leaders on effective management of Air Force manpower assets and provide continuous improvement and innovation services to create efficient processes across the installation. I feel we always get a positive response when we are called in to help.”