Rebuilding Tyndall from the ground up

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Anabel Del Valle
  • 325th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

Currently, driving around Tyndall Air Force Base is similar to driving around a massive construction zone. Many organizations play a role in Tyndall’s evolution into the “Installation of the Future,” including the 325th Contracting Squadron. The 325th CONS is responsible for supporting all the different forces that go into projecting unrivaled combat air power, from ordering computers to cultivating an innovative future with multimillion-dollar construction projects.


While the normal duties of contracting fall in-line with ensuring basic elements of the base are available such as furniture and equipment, the 325th CONS is presented with the unique mission of facilitating the rebuild after Tyndall Air Force Base faced devastation to its infrastructure after Hurricane Michael in 2018.


 “Our team ensures Airmen have a place to work in order to keep the day-to-day war fighting mission going,” explained Lt. Col. Kenneth Haile, 325th CONS commander. “We are renovating, modernizing and fixing what was left behind [after the storm] and clearing the field for the new buildings to go up.”


The 325th CONS employed several companies to assist in demolition efforts. By splitting demolition projects between organizations, the 325th CONS increased competition which led to lower costs. This creative approach achieved $6.3 million in savings for Tyndall.


They also researched until they found the most cost-effective team to assist in the design and creation of temporary facilities, made specifically to fit Tyndall’s needs. The temporary facilities were crafted as an alternative workspace for personnel to complete the mission from the time old buildings began demolition to the time new space is available.


“Designing the temporary facilities to meet classified missions has brought a new set of challenges,” said Scott Dubuque, 325th CONS services flight chief. “Finding a way to build a trailer that has the technologies and precautions necessary to protect sensitive information was essential.”


Despite a tough set of hurdles to jump, the 325th CONS has managed to relocate units into 23 temporary facilities, providing 175,000 feet of operational workspace that will alternate between units as necessary.


As construction continues from the ground up, the 325th CONS is dedicated to delivering innovative capabilities in support of the Checkertail mission while creating a state-of-the-art base that will set the stage for military installations in the future.


“Never in my Air Force career have I, or anyone I have met, had the opportunity to rebuild an air base,” explained Haile. “We have some stressful days and long nights, but the impact is visible. The job is difficult and challenging, but the reward is immeasurable. The impact we will leave behind on Tyndall and the local community is forever.”