2007 Force Shaping

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  • By Air Force Print News
Air Force officials recently announced new force-shaping initiatives to be used to meet the required 2007 fiscal year end strength numbers. 

The new initiatives are designed to bring the Officer numbers down as the enlisted end-strength numbers are on target for 2007. Officials said more than 8,000 officers must separate either through normal attrition, retirement or force shaping measures to achieve the required balance in force. 

"It's important to keep in mind what force shaping is all about; the present and future state of the Air Force," Lt. Gen. Roger A. Brady, Deputy Chief of Staff, Manpower and Personnel. "We have to balance our (force) for now and the coming years to have the kind of force we need to win the long war we are in now and be prepared for whatever comes next." 

The Air Force will look for volunteers but will also initiate involuntary shaping programs to achieve a balanced force. 

The Air Force starts the 2007 force-shaping with Voluntary Separation Pay, Selective Early Retirement Board, and a fiscal 2007 Force Shaping Board. 

The VSP incentive will be offered to Line of the Air Force officers with more than six and no more than exactly 12 years of service to encourage their separation, General Brady said. 

Eligible officers may begin applying for VSP on July 31. Dates of separation must take effect between Oct. 1, 2006 and Sept. 29, 2007. Applications for VSP will not be accepted after Jan. 31, 2007. 

For more information visit www.afpc.randolph.af.mil/retsep/forceshaping/shape.htm or contact Senior Airman Celine Delice and Staff Sgt. Angelique Fabiano, Relocations and Employments office, at 283-2244.