Security Forces steps up traffic enforcement

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Scott Brown
  • 325th Security Forces Squadron
You're speeding through housing and you pass an unmarked government vehicle with a person using a speed measuring device. At first, there are no lights, no siren, but you pull around the corner and Security Forces is waiting for you with a traffic citation in hand. This scenario has been a reality for some Tyndall drivers. 

Due to an increasing amount of complaints of fast and dangerous driving occurring on the base, Security Forces will be increasing its traffic enforcement throughout Tyndall and would like to remind everyone of the following speed limits in place on Tyndall. 

Anywhere on Tyndall - 30 mph (unless otherwise posted)
Housing areas- 15 mph (unless otherwise posted)
Unpaved roads - 20 mph
Any designated parking lot - 10 mph
Installation gates (entry/exit) - 15 mph
Passing marching/running formations - 5 mph
Flightline area - IAW TAFBI 24-302
US Highway 98 - As posted 

If you are caught speeding and cited in housing, the following suspensions can occur:
From 1-14 mph over the posted speed limit, 30-day suspension of base driving privileges. 

From 15-24 mph over the posted speed limit, 60-day suspension of base driving privileges. 

From 25 mph over posted speed limit, 90-day suspension of base driving privileges. 

As a reminder, U.S. Highway 98 is a concurrent jurisdiction zone. Speeders could be stopped not only by Security Forces, but also by the Florida Highway patrol and the Bay County Sheriff's Office. 

If you are caught and cited on the installation, military members will receive a DD Form 1408, Armed Forces Traffic Ticket. Active duty military members who receive this citation accrue base driving points that are counted against an individual's ability to operate a motor vehicle on the installation. All others cited for traffic infractions on base will receive the DD Form 1805, United States District Court Violation Notice, which not only carries a monetary fine, but the offender accrues base driving points also. 

If an individual accumulates 12 points within one year or 18 points within two years, they will lose their base driving privileges for a year. 

The bottom line is that those who speed need to slow down, not only in the housing areas, but throughout the entire base. We are using the same practices used in traffic enforcement that our civilian counterparts use effectively. 

So the next time you decide to speed on base, remember, your speeding may be checked without ever seeing a Security Forces vehicle, that is, until you receive the ticket.