PT uniform now mandatory

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Stacey Haga
  • 325th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
The wear of the Air Force physical training uniform for unit fitness activities is now mandatory. All Airmen will be required to have one running suit, two T-shirts and two pair of shorts.

The Air Force created the PTU to support unit cohesion and present a professional, standardized image.

Also beginning in October, enlisted Airmen will receive an increase in their clothing allowance to offset the added cost of T-shirts and shorts when the mandatory number of uniforms increases from two sets to three sets in October 2007.

Currently, Tyndall's Military Clothing Sales Store is sold out of some sizes of shirts and shorts, but expects new shipments soon. The shorts in 3X and 4X are on backorder until December, said Patsy Pandullo, sales associate here.
As with any official uniform, regulations govern the proper wear of the PTU. Those regulations are as follows:
· All Airmen must comply with tattoo and jewelry standards as stated in Air Force Instruction 36-2903, Dress and Personal Appearance of Air Force Personnel.
In organized fitness activities
· The uniform can be worn in any combination but will not be mixed with civilian clothes.
· The T-shirt will be tucked in.
· The jacket must be zipped up at least halfway and hood will be stored and zipped when not being used.
· Pants legs will be zipped.
· Spandex shorts or leggings may be worn under the shorts, but they must be navy blue or black.
· White ankle or calf length socks will be worn. Small, conservative logos on the socks are acceptable.
· Shoes must be of a conservative color like white, black or dark blue.
· Female Airmen may wear their hair free of pins or other accessories normally required to meet uniform standards.
· Saluting is not required when performing PT activities, but is required when meeting people displaying appropriate rank and not performing PT activities, regardless of uniform type.
· Within the area of responsibility, the Air Force component commander will coordinate the wear policy of the PTU to ensure uniformity in a joint environment with other services. · Commanders will determine what uniform items Airmen will wear during unit fitness events.
· Headphones cannot be worn in formation, during organized unit physical training sessions or while performing official duties. (Currently, headphone use is still authorized during the running portion of the PT test here.)
· The lining of PTU shorts may be removed, but no other modifications to the uniform are authorized.
· There is no mandated maternity uniform while participating in formations or unit activities.
· T-shirts may be worn out or tucked in.
· Jackets may be zipped, unzipped and worn with civilian clothes.
· Black or navy blue leggings or stretch shorts may be worn under the uniform shorts.
· White socks of any length with small conservative trademarks are authorized.
· Any athletic shoes may be worn.
· Hats or knit caps are authorized, provided they meet military image requirements.
· Bandanas and other similar head scarves are not authorized unless the Airman has a medical waiver.
· The use of headphones is authorized. Commanders may deny headphone wear if conditions are determined to be unsafe. They may also disallow headphone use because of operational requirements.
· Saluting is not required. 

The wear of safety items is authorized with the PTU. These include reflective belts, fanny packs and wearable hydration packs.
The uniform board is working on optional items including a long-sleeve shirt, sweatshirt and another style of running shorts.

An updated AFI 36-2903 can be viewed at For more information regarding the use of the PTU in fitness activities here, contact your unit PT monitor. 

(Information from Air Force Print News was used in this story.)