Camacho Della Rosa’s big decision

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Cameron Otte
  • 325 Fighter Wing

TYNDALL AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. – With plans to join the military after her graduation, Senior Airman Ashley Camacho Della Rosa, 325th Fighter Wing paralegal, discovered that life gives one multiple opportunities.

After visiting a Military Entrance Processing Station to get more information on career opportunities, Camacho Della Rosa decided on going to college. Five years would pass before curiosity convinced her to revisit the possibility of a career in the armed forces once more.

“My first time going to MEPS was just to get information back in 2014 but I never committed to finishing the process,” said Camacho Della Rosa. “I had ultimately decided on going to college to try going the normal route after high school, but later felt like I could be doing more with my life.”

During her time in college, Camacho Della Rosa was able to obtain a degree in web development, but while considering a career in her field of education, she couldn’t shake a feeling of an unfulfilled aspiration.

“It wasn’t until 2019 that I finally returned to MEPS and completed the process,” Camacho Della Rosa continued. “I was very spoiled growing up and I wanted to become someone who was dependable and not so reliant on others.”

Camacho Della Rosa was excited about shipping to basic training at first but as her time to leave kept approaching, she realized her life was going to be changing signifigantly very soon.

“I can’t remember a time my parents didn’t take care of me, and soon I would,” added Camacho Della Rosa. “That’s a big reason I joined the military, so I could become more independent and stand on my own two feet.”

She may have left her family back home but soon Camacho Della Rosa found a new family while in the service.

“I first met my husband in tech school,” said Camacho Della Rosa. “After maintaining a long-distance relationship at separate bases, we decided to finally get married. Now I have a little girl and she depends on me. That fact makes me feel very accomplished.”

Camacho Della Rosa feels fulfilled both at home and at work as a paralegal for the 325th Fighter Wing. Being able to take care of her family while being an asset to her team has proved to herself that she can thrive without depending on others.

“I really enjoy how I’m able to help others by sorting out their legal issues,” said Camacho Della Rosa. “Whether someone needs help prepping their will before a deployment, sort out tenant issues, or even a divorce, it feels good knowing they are leaving my office relieved and no longer stressing.”

Camacho Della Rosa says that it’s not just the work that keeps her motivated, but also the members.

“I love the people I work with and the work I do every day,” Camacho Della Rosa concluded. “My supervisors and coworkers have been incredibly helpful in ensuring that I know what I’m doing, and I look forward to helping people every day.”