From Office Supplies to Operational Exercises, 325th Finance Handles it All

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Jacob Dastas
  • 325th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

The Department of Defense is the largest department in the United States government and has one of the largest financial budgets. With an annual allocation grossing over 700 million dollars a year, the DoD has the resources to lead the way in innovation and technology. Bolstering over 1.3 million active-duty members, the responsibility of assisting with individual financial issues and questions falls to the comptroller squadrons.

“A huge part of our job is to support the customers,” said Master Sgt. William Wilson, 325th Comptroller Squadron financial operations flight chief. “We do our best to make sure people are paid accurately, correctly and on time.”

While the 325th CPTS works to service all their individual clients on base, there is a section of the squadron that handles a larger, operational part of the bases fiscal resources.

“We’re also responsible for certifying every single document that comes through the comptroller office,” said Wilson. “This will allow us to provide sound financial advice to the wing commander, group commanders and squadron commanders and ensure they execute their units’ funds efficiently.”

The task of maintaining numerous accounts for each individual unit and members from across the installation can be daunting.

“Some weeks  we’re working overtime,” said Wilson. “Especially towards the end of the year, it can be tough to make sure all the lines meet where they need to, but we have a great team for that.”

With each responsibility placed onto the CPTS team, the environment can seem overwhelming, however, the rewards of their efforts help the 325th Fighter Wing Airmen stay resilient.

“I want my Airmen to know how they support the mission,” said Wilson. “If my Airmen can look back and say that they helped a defender, maintainer, or fire fighter pay their bills and keep food on their table, then I would say it’s been a successful day.”

With all the changes coming to Tyndall Air Force Base and the 325th Fighter Wing’s mission, the CPTS team is prepared to ensure mission readiness.

“We will see some changes shifting from mostly a training mission to a combat mission,” said Wilson. “But I think with the shift, it’ll allow us to work closer with the incoming members and help us improve our daily operations and customer service.”