Tyndall’s 2023 Luau Themed End of Summer Bash

  • Published
  • By Airman Zeeshan Naeem
  • 325th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

TYNDALL AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. – Team Tyndall’s 325th Force Support Squadron held a luau-themed annual end of summer bash on August 31, 2023, alongside the recent arrivals of the 95th Fighter Squadron’s first F-35A Lightning IIs.

While being a service member consists of ensuring mission readiness and operational success, every Airman can benefit with some time to relax and take their minds off their duties.

In an attempt to bring Airmen and their families together, the 325th FSS coordinated an event with free food, games, live music and other family activities. The end of summer bash was a great place for Airmen to blow off some steam and enjoy themselves.

Airman 1st Class Donarich Dieu, 337th Air Control Squadron weapons simulation technician, stated that these occasions are essential to bringing people together from different career fields for networking and camaraderie without having the worries of being on the job.

“These social events are for community cohesion, it’s not just for the active duty Airmen; it’s for everyone with base access,” said Dieu. “Everyone should care about each other because we’re all a team. This helps bring our folks a fun time off the clock.”

Post Hurricane Michael, the installation has been focusing heavily on rebuilding. While the ‘Installation of the Future’ is expected to have many amenities for Airmen and their families, the current members of the 325th Fighter Wing rely on the 325th FSS who took it upon themselves to host on base events for entertainment and to spark up their everyday routines in a less formal manner.

“We wanted an end of summer theme that showcased how diverse we are,” Alicia Aguilera, 325th FSS community cohesion coordinator, explained. “A large amount of people on this base are either from the Hawaiian Islands or know people from there. We thought it’d be a great blend of kicking off the summer and giving tribute.”

With donations from various local and veteran-supporting foundations, as well as help from Tyndall Airmen volunteering, Aguilera was able to invite a local cover band, alongside a local group of professional hula dancers who trained in Hawaii.

Dieu expressed appreciation for how hard everyone worked to support the end of summer bash. With several other Airmen volunteering, leadership from FSS contributing, employees at the Oasis club working overtime to man the bar and prepare free food, and members of the local community getting involved.

Aguilera expects to host more morale boosting events like the luau as Tyndall’s community continues to come together and celebrate not only the recent F-35s but the hard work and dedication of the Airmen, while the installation continues to drive towards the completion of the rebuild process.

 “Our base is rebuilding materialistically but we need to continue with crafting bonds with the newer ranked enlisted, leadership, families and the local community,” said Dieu. “I know this is a job, but this means a lot more to me. To serve and protect this country we have to work together.”