Tyndall’s newest promotees

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Alex Echols
  • 325th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

Congratulations to all of Tyndall's March promotees.


Promoted to Airman

De Jesus, Justin – 325th Logistics Readiness Squadron   

Maness, Tarrence – 325th Logistics Readiness Squadron               

Smith, Tkayla – 325th Maintenance Group

Llamas, Jose – 43rd Fighter Squadron


Promoted to Airman 1st Class

Benedict, Ian – 325th Communications Squadron

Miller, Cameron – 43th Aircraft Maintenance Unit


Promoted to Senior Airman

Ashley, Brandon – 325th Communications Squadron

Avalos, Neil – 95th Fighter Squadron

Barta, Alex – 43th Aircraft Maintenance Unit

Bolton, Dakota – 325th Security Forces Squadron

Cheek, Michael                 – 43th Aircraft Maintenance Unit

Cowan, Martin – 325th Logistics Readiness Squadron

Cox, Whitley – 325th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Drummond, Teresa – 325th Medical Operations Squadron

Elliott, Nathaniel – 325th Logistics Readiness Squadron

Gandy, Sabrina – 325th Security Forces Squadron

Gordon, Christopher – 81st Range Control Squadron

Gray, Zackary – 325th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Griffin, Michael – 325th Maintenance Squadron

Hunt, Timothy – 325th Maintenance Squadron

McRae, Tyler – 325th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Mouton, Christopher – 337th Air Control Squadron

Olszewski, Christopher – 325th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Osinga, Justin – 325th Security Forces Squadron

Paulding, Abrahm – 325th Communications Squadron   

Porter, Courtney – 325th Operations Support Squadron

Porter, Gunnar – 325th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Rivera, Leiana – 81st Range Control Squadron

Robinson, Aaron – 325th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Schiferly, Robert – 325th Security Forces Squadron

Teubert, Zachary – 325th Operations Support Squadron

Tobias, Emily – Air Force Rescue Coordination Center

Tobias, Samuel – 81st Range Control Squadron

Wade, Ian – 325th Communications Squadron

Williams, Charles – 325th Logistics Readiness Squadron

Winters, Dallas – 325th Operations Support Squadron

Wrocklage, Jasmine – 95th Fighter Squadron


Promoted to Staff Sergeant

Barlow, Shadrach – 325th Security Forces Squadron

Brown, Sean – 325th Logistics Readiness Squadron

Bush, Angel – 325th Security Forces Squadron

Craft, Graham – 325th Operations Support Squadron

Deeds, Tyler – 325th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Fitch, Kevin – 325th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Hamilton, Ishmael – 325th Logistics Readiness Squadron

Horvathbuzan, Travis – 325th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Shears, Aleksandr – 325th Communications Squadron


Promoted to Technical Sergeant

Ambrusko, David – 325th Logistics Readiness Squadron

Crawford, Damon – 325th Maintenance Squadron

Cuevas, Andrew – Det. 1, Air Force Civil Engineer Center

Edge, Christopher – 325th Maintenance Squadron

Elam, Lee – 325th Fighter Wing

Elwood, Katie – 325th Maintenance Squadron

Garcia, Jonathan – 325th Logistics Readiness Squadron

Jones, Desean – 325th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Lamotta, Anthony – 325th Maintenance Squadron

McCoy, Willie – 337th Air Control Squadron

Nelson, Jennifer – 325th Force Support Squadron

Sawyer, Gabriel – 325th Operations Support Squadron

Sirmopoulos, John – 325th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Weber, Christopher – 325th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron


Promoted to Master Sergeant

Dickerson, Samual – 325th Maintenance Squadron

Dixon, Christian – Det. 1, 823 REDHORSE

Leiby, Alan – 325th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Miller, Maria – 325th Logistics Readiness Squadron

Penna, Jason – 325th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Smith, Justin – 53rd Weapons Evaluation Group


Promoted to Chief Master Sergeant

Bekoff, Anthony – Det. 1, Air Force Civil Engineer Center

Promoted to First Lieutenant

Weekes, Mycheal – 23rd Flying Training Squadron

Promoted to Major

Kreher, Daniel – 337th Air Control Squadron

Moody, Kent – 83rd Fighter Weapons Squadron