Meet the 325th CES commander: Lt. Col. Richard Martin

Lt. Col. Richard Martin, 325th Civil Engineer Squadron commander

Lt. Col. Richard Martin, 325th Civil Engineer Squadron commander

TYNDALL AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. -- Built on the passion to serve and the love of the career field, the new commander of the 325th Civil Engineer Squadron looks forward to command.

As a teenager, the Norton, Mass. native, Lt. Col. Richard Martin, 325th CES commander, originally aspired to be an architect. However, a lack of drawing skills changed his focus to engineering.

"I took to the science and math aspect of architecture," said Martin. "I love everything about the job."

In college, he took interest in the Reserve Officer Training Corps.

"I've always been very patriotic and wanted to serve," Martin said. "Both of my grandfathers served in World War II. They've always inspired me, and despite their passing, still inspire me today."

Martin attended Clarkson University, Potsdam, N.Y. for his undergraduate degree in civil engineering. He then received his graduate degree in civil engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Ga.

"I was open ended at the time of commissioning about making the Air Force a career," said Martin. "But after my first assignment, I wanted to make a career. Every step of the way has been incredible. I'm proud to wear the CE badge and consider myself fortunate to remain in a civil engineer squadron as commander."

Prior to taking command of the 325th CES, he was 423rd CES squadron commander, Royal Air Force Alconbury, England.

"It was great operational experience as well as being in another country and being exposed to a different culture," Martin said. "But again, it comes back down to the people--that's what makes an assignment. It's the people that make my role in leadership so rewarding."

The admiration and respect for the people and the mission is the theme depicted throughout Martin's career and are also the keystone for Martin's leadership and character.

When reflecting back on his career, two particular moments stand out.

"One of my proudest moments is of my grandfather putting on my rank of captain at Georgia Tech," said Martin. "Another moment that will always stick with me was presenting the flag to my grandmother at my grandfather's funeral."

Family has always been important to Martin. He and his wife, Derya, have two girls, ages eight and 12 years old.

"As a commander, there is a lot on the plate with work and ensuring the people and the mission are taken care of," said Martin. "But, every opportunity I have to spend with my family, I make sure I put them first."

The Martin family is very happy to be stationed at Tyndall on the Emerald Coast.

"I am extremely excited and fortunate to command twice in a row," said Martin. "Command is the ultimate job. It's an awesome experience. I am fortunate to have been in command before and can apply what I've learned previously here at Tyndall.

"I'm also very fortunate to be taking the reins of a tremendous squadron with great professionals. I look forward to maintaining the glide-path to success and building upon our strengths."

The previous commander built a positive climate, explained Martin.

"I've received a team of all-stars," Martin said. "We look forward to delivering excellent mission success and continuing to enable air dominance. Every challenge will create new opportunities for us to learn and grow. I look forward to serving alongside Team Tyndall."