Meet the 325th Logistics Readiness Squadron commander: Lt. Col. Anthony Mullinax

Lt. Col. Anthony Mullinax

Lt. Col. Anthony Mullinax

TYNDALL AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. -- A phoenix is a mythical bird that symbolizes a new beginning. Typically depicted as a bird on fire, the life of the phoenix eventually extinguishes but from the ashes a new version of the phoenix arises.

Just as the phoenix burns with a powerful flame, Lt. Col. Anthony Mullinax, 325th Logistics Readiness Squadron commander, hopes to ignite a passion in the new squadron as the emerging commander.

Mullinax has a passion for inspiring people that existed even before his Air Force career began. Before earning his commission through Reserve Officers' Training Corps, he was a student at Troy University studying physical education.

"I got my degree in physical education coaching," said Mullinax. "My undergraduate and master's degree are in the same thing. If I couldn't join the Air Force, I was going to coach something."

Mullinax developed a strong ability to lead and that eventually landed him a position as a squadron commander at Shaw Air Force Base, S.C. While he was at Shaw, he helped mold a squadron culture.

"While at Shaw, we came up with this thing called the W.O.L.F. pack; the Warriors of Logistics Forces," Mullinax said. "As the Airmen bought into the whole idea behind the pack, it resulted in the new mentality that if you mess with one member of the pack, you mess with the whole pack. They really grew into that."

Mullinax's fiery experience as a squadron commander at Shaw has since burned out, but just as the phoenix is reborn, he hopes to use this opportunity as the emerging 325th LRS commander to ignite a new unified culture where one does not currently exist.

"Well, obviously, we have a lot of challenges ahead of us," said Mullinax. "It's not every day you stand up a squadron of any type in the Air Force where one never existed."

Because Tyndall did not previously have a logistics squadron, Mullinax said he is excited to see what the new squadron becomes.

"I'm excited to see how this culture is going to develop, and it's already taking shape," said Mullinax.

The shape that the squadron will take is based on three pillars, Mullinax said. He identified the three pillars as faith, family and everything else. He believes that "everything else" is a term that encompasses not only the mission but relaxing activities outside of work as well.

Mullinax lives every day of his life nurturing all three of his foundational pillars. He enjoys learning more about his faith with his family, which includes his wife, Cynthia, and his two daughters, Cameron "Birdie" and Kaitlin "Cricket." When it comes to fulfilling the "everything else" category, the Mullinax family likes spending time boating, relaxing on the beach or cheering for the Auburn football team.

Mullinax served at U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan, Republic of Korea, before taking command of the 325th LRS. He is happy to be in the Florida Panhandle, but it is his passion for the job that has ignited the flame that he brings to the new squadron.

"I love being here and I love the mission," Mullinax said. "It's the best job in the Air Force. The location is great, but if it was out in the middle of nowhere, it wouldn't matter. It's still the best job in the Air Force."