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Meet the 337th Air Control Squadron commander

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Christopher Reel
  • 325th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
As a high school student, the Kansas City, Kan. native knew he wanted to pursue a career in the Air Force, but he didn't know joining would be the best thing he ever did.

"I was enticed by the Air Force Academy," said Lt. Col. Michael Hagan, 337th Air Control Squadron commander. "It seemed like a fun, challenging experience and opportunity."

And it was.

In 1998, five years after he graduated from the academy with a political science degree, he was stationed at Tinker Air Force Base, Okla., where home wasn't too far away.

On one visit back to Kansas City, in November 2003, he met his future wife, Katherine Hlobik. At the time, they were both unaware they were set up by family.

"I knew from the minute I met her she was an amazing woman," said Hagan.

By the time he left for re-assignment in 2005 to Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska, now known as Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, he and Katherine were married.

Alaska is still his favorite assignment to date.

"The mission was exceptionally fun, but the unmatched beauty of that state and the phenomenal people made it a tremendous experience," Hagan said.

It was also the place the Hagans had their first child. Since then, they have welcomed three additional children. The last of which, he almost missed the birth of.

"I had just landed at the airport from my deployment and was met by amazingly patient nine-month-pregnant wife with our three children around 9:40 p.m. By the time I got home with my bags and showered, it was roughly 10:40 p.m.," Hagan explained. "By midnight, my wife was in labor and we were at the hospital to have the baby. A few hours later, our youngest was born. The timing couldn't have been any better."

Hagan is truly a family man and aspires to carry those traits into his leadership at the squadron.

"I am abundantly blessed with my family," said Hagan. "I do whatever it takes to be with them. That's what I enjoy, and they are my priority. I take a lot of pride in seeing our kids' accomplishments as they develop into young people. With that, we aspire to raise them to make the world a better place. Much like my family, I care for the people that work with in the ACS to make the mission happen. I aspire to continue to promote a positive and supportive environment here for the members and their families."

Prior to taking command, he was the Director of Operations at the 337th ACS.

"Undoubtedly, it's a humbling opportunity to have been the director of operations and to have gotten to know the amazing people here, prior to taking command," said Hagan. "And, it's a phenomenal occasion to continue working with them and knowing the operations and challenges."

Looking back, he said he has always strived to do the best where he was.

"Fortunately, I've been surrounded by wonderful teammates and supervisors who provided a lot of great opportunities," Hagan said. "I aspire to do the same for the amazing people we have here."

Hagan makes it a priority to not just take care of the Hagan Residence, but his Air Force family as well.

"I want the men and women here to know it's good to have ambition, but not necessarily to be ambitious," explained Hagan. "If you take care of the mission and sincerely care for those around you, the rest will take care of itself."