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  • Tyndall takes medical readiness to the next level

    Large-scale exercises such as Ready Eagle enable Airmen in becoming mission-ready by refining skills such as command and control, triage, decontamination, patient tracking, communication skills and mental preparedness among the various medical teams.

  • 325th MDG goes from last to first

    The 325th Medical Group at Tyndall Air Force Base rose to the top in an Air Force wide Individual Medical Readiness assessment.

  • 325th Medical Group resumes crucial aircrew training at Tyndall AFB

    Tyndall's Aerospace Physiology program is resuming critical training for pilots on Tyndall Air Force Base. For the first time since Hurricane Michael, the 325th Medical Group has stood up the Reduced Oxygen Breathing Device (ROBD), allowing aircrew to recognize symptoms of hypoxia.This training

  • Bolts, bows and boats

    The military lifestyle presents unique challenges for Airmen and their families; maintaining the balance between professional and personal life can be an issue at the forefront of their lives. For one Tyndall Airman, his unique hobby allows him an avenue to escape the daily occurrences and live in

  • Promotional Health section ensures healthy living

    The health and wellness of Airmen has been paramount throughout the history of the Air Force and the success of its mission. Tyndall is dedicated to taking care of the physical and nutritional needs of Airmen and their families.