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325th Medical Support Squadron


The 325th Medical Support Squadron is one of two squadrons assigned to the 325th Medical Group, 325th Fighter Wing, Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla. The squadron provides business operations, administrative support, pharmaceutical services, as well as clinical (laboratory and radiology) services to aid in the medical care of all active duty Air Force, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve, active duty dependents, retirees, retiree dependents, and foreign nationals eligible for health care at the 325th MDG. The squadron is divided into seven flights all managed by highly trained professionals both from the clinical background and the medical administrative fields. 

The 325th MDSS manages the group’s $15.25 million operational and maintenance budget and a Defense Healthcare Program budget of $41 million that encompasses the day-to-day operations and maintenance as well as the Purchased Healthcare bill generated by providing health care to our beneficiaries. The squadron manages on average 23,700 referrals per year averaging $25 million in "purchased health care" for services that cannot be provided in-house for our beneficiaries. The pharmacy dispenses on average 180,000 prescriptions per year. The clinical services perform over 200,000 laboratory test per year and 18,000 radiology exams per year. The 325th MDSS is responsible for all Human Resource assets assigned to the 325th MDG as well as all active recruitment and management actions to fill the highly professional and complex skill sets needed to support clinical and non-clinical services. 

The squadron ensures that administrative support services are available to serve our beneficiaries by providing outstanding support directly to them and their health care providers. The unit is also responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the entire medical facility to include all MDG campus assets.


The 325th MDSS was activated on Sept. 28, 1994. The mission of the squadron is to provide superior worldwide wartime readiness and expeditionary medical support; to provide an infrastructure to manage medical care for 16,000 beneficiaries along with diagnostic imaging, pharmacy, laboratory and referral management services to support clinical operations; and to promote sound business practices and optimal resource utilization through administrative, information systems, facilities, logistics and budgetary support.

The 325th MDSS strongly believes and lives by the 325th MDG's motto of "Airmen First, Medics Always"! 


Current as of: Oct. 20, 2021