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325th Security Forces Squadron


The 325th Security Forces Squadron is one of five squadrons assigned to the 325th Mission Support Group, 325th Fighter Wing, Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla. The squadron provides force protection programs to include weapon system security, police services, resource protection and antiterrorism for a 29,000-acre base with 128 miles of shoreline in support of 325th FW and 30 associate units. The squadron oversees personnel, information, and industrial security procedures for more than 6,700 assigned personnel. The 325th SFS also maintains a wartime and contingency rapid deployment capability to conduct force protection operations worldwide.

Within the operations flight, the Tyndall "defenders" perform law enforcement, installation security, pass and registration, military working dog, antiterrorism, resource protection and installation security services. The law enforcement element of the flight performs base patrol and entry control operations while the security element is responsible for protection of assigned and temporary duty priority aircraft, command and control facilities, critical communications and air defense facilities. The military working dog section provides patrol dog, drug suppression and explosives detection services for the base, and frequently demonstrates dog team capabilities to the base and civic groups. The antiterrorism section provides a program to deter and detect terrorist acts against Tyndall by collecting and disseminating timely threat information and providing training to all base members on awareness and by developing comprehensive plans and programs. The resource protection office serves as the base program manager for the protection of government funds, pharmaceuticals, firearms and munitions.

The training and resources flight is responsible for training, armory functions, combat arms and unit supply. The training section is tasked with training all assigned security forces, augmentees and all base personnel slated for Air Expeditionary Force deployment. The armory stores government firearms and munitions used by security forces and other on-base units. This section also supports courtesy storage of weapons and munitions for residents in the dorms and base housing. The combat arms shop operates the base's firing range and conducts classroom and live weapons training for all personnel assigned to Tyndall.

The administration and reports flight is responsible for processing and storing all police reports and related documents. The base information security program, which includes industrial security and personnel security, is also managed through this office. They provided technical guidance in the protection of classified material, process and monitor security clearances, background investigations, and fingerprinting to the Tyndall community.

The history of the 325th SFS is long and honorable. Constituted the 325th Air Police on May 10, 1948, it was activated as part of the 325th Air Base Group on June 9, 1948. The unit was redesignated the 325th Air Police Squadron on Jan. 20, 1950. The unit provided Air Police services to the 325th Wing at Hamilton Air Force Base, Calif., and Moses Lake and McChord Air Force Bases, Wash., from June 1948 through February 1952, when it was deactivated.

Reactivated in 1955, the 325th Air Police Squadron operated out of McChord AFB providing air and security police services to the 325th Fighter Group from August 1955 through October 1956, and the 325th Fighter Wing from October 1956 through July 1968. The unit was re-designated the 325th Security Police Squadron on April 25, 1967 and again deactivated on July 1, 1968.

On July 1, 1981, the squadron was once again reactivated as the 325th Security Police Squadron as part of the 325th Combat Support Group at Tyndall. The squadron was activated in order to support the flying training mission of the 325th FW. The unit was redesignated the 325th Security Forces Squadron on July 1, 1997. The 325th SFS continually supports various contingency operations such as DESERT SHIELD/STORM, Saudi Arabia; Panama Security Enhancement, Howard AFB, Panama; Joint Task Force Bravo, Honduras; FOAL EAGLE, Osan Air Base, Republic of Korea; Coral Relief, Homestead AFB, Idaho; RESTORE HOPE, Somalia; Roving Sands, Fort Bliss, Texas; Silver Flag, Nellis AFB, Nevada; Kosovo, NOBLE EAGLE/ENDURING FREEDOM.

The 325th SFS Emblem is symbolic of the unit's many diverse activities that support the base. blue and yellow are the Air Force colors. Blue and yellow refer to the sky and the excellence required by Air Force personnel. The scales represent equal justice. The sword represents truth. The globe represents worldwide commitment of the security forces. The concentric rings represent combat arms training and maintenance, and the accuracy in performance of our duties that we must always maintain. 

Current as of: Oct. 20, 2021