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337th Air Control Squadron


The 337th Air Control Squadron (ACS) is assigned to the 33d Operations Group, 33d Fighter Wing, Eglin Air Force Base, Fla.  The ACS is located at Tyndall AFB, Fl.  The squadron's mission is to build professional battle management warriors for the US Air Force, Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve.  The squadron trains officers to become Air Battle Managers who will synchronize weapons, sensors, and fuel to meet the Commander’s intent.   Additionally, the squadron trains international military officers on the USAF’s techniques for command and control of combat air operations while fostering relationships with allied nations through open dialog regarding professional differences, doctrine, and culture.


The "Doghouse" began as the 325th Fighter Control Squadron in April 1943.  In December 1943, the unit moved to North Africa to support the operations of the 325th FW and other American and allied flying units.  Moving its radar with the front lines, the squadron saw action throughout the Mediterranean and Southern Europe and earned battle streamers for Rome, 1944; Southern France, 1944; and the Rhineland, 1945.  Since the German air had effectively halted, the squadron disbanded in early 1945.

The 325th ACS finds its functional Tyndall roots back in 1947, when the Interceptor Weapons schoolhouse was established.  The USAF has conducted controller training at Tyndall since that time, though enduring numerous mergers and name changes.  The many aspects of controller training were consolidated into the 337th Training Squadron in the mid-90s.  That unit was again re-designated as the 325th Air Control Squadron in 2001.  In 2012, the 325th Air Control Squadron was once again re-designated as the 337th Air Control Squadron to remain part of Air Education and Training Command through the 33d Operations Group, 33d Fighter Wing, Eglin AFB, Fl.

Today, the squadron instructs three comprehensive courses.  The primary course is the newly implemented six-month Optimized Undergraduate Air Battle Manager Training Course where Active Duty, Reserve and Guard students are instructed in and expected to demonstrate proficiency in subjects ranging from friendly and enemy aircraft capabilities and limitations, defensive and offensive counter air operations, close air support, personnel recovery, large force employment, suppression of enemy air defenses and tactical control of high-performance aircraft.  Upon graduation, active duty students receive their wings and move on to follow-on assignments in the E-3 Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) and the E-8 Joint Surveillance Targeting and Attack Radar System (JSTARS).

Additional courses include the International Air Weapons Controller Course and the Theater Air Operations Course, where officers from around the world are introduced to weapons control and theater air operations.  The 337 ACS also trains personnel to become Air Educational and Training Command academic and positional instructors.

Air Battle Manager Students

Report to Building 1281, Room 124, in uniform of the day at 8 a.m. – 10 a.m. Monday – Friday. Bring: two copies of orders and all amendments, any personnel, medical and dental records in possession, temporary address (billeting or hotel), and next of kin address and phone number. 337th ACS Newcomers Brief is held the first Wednesday after arrival at 10 a.m. A mandatory Finance brief will be accomplished the first Wednesday after arrival at 1 p.m., at TAFB Military Personnel Section. Arrival after 10:00 a.m. can be completed with coordination via commercial phone at (850) 283-0622 or 337.acs.sar.all@us.af.mil. Arrival after the report time must be coordinated with the unit by phone.


Current as of: Nov. 13, 2023