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Inspector General

The Inspector General manages the Air Force Inspector General Complaints Resolution Program and the Fraud, Waste and Abuse Prevention Program at Tyndall. The IG's 24-hour hot line number is (850) 283-3242. Personnel are not required to leave their name. The IG investigates and determines the disposition of the complaints and disclosures by ensuring an unbiased, comprehensive collection of evidence to provide logical, fact-based conclusions and appropriate corrective actions on substantiated allegations. The IG also identifies adverse trends to installation, subordinate and associate unit commanders.

Complaints and disclosures to the IG are privileged communications and are made without fear of intimidation or retribution. Personnel, who believe they have been treated unfairly or have knowledge of fraud, waste and abuse should report the problem to their chain of command or contact the IG.

Inspector General Assistance/Complaints:

Contact Information:
Commercial: (850) 283-3242
DSN: 523-3242

Current as of: Oct. 20, 2021