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Command Post

The 325th Fighter Wing Command Post is responsible for the overall management and supervision of operations and support activities at Tyndall.

Command Post controllers act as the liaison for the 325th FW commander, group and unit commanders, the base populace and temporary duty personnel and units in whatever capacity required.

Controllers flight-follow all Tyndall-assigned and TDY aircraft, launch alert aircraft on air sovereignty missions when required and keep the wing commander informed on all aspects of the wing's flying program.

The command post is manned by two certified controllers at all times. Their charge is to be the eyes and ears of not only the commanders assigned to Team Tyndall, but also higher headquarters at all levels. Command post controllers work closely with security forces and medical personnel and the base's fire department to maintain the pulse of all events and incidents occurring either on- or off-base that impact assigned personnel, dependents, civilians or aircraft and equipment.

For more information, contact command post at (850) 283-2155

Current as of: Oct. 20, 2021