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325th Maintenance Squadron


The 325th Maintenance Squadron conducts intermediate-level maintenance to support pilot training for the F-22 Raptor squadron, manages and maintains a munitions stockpile valued at more than $275 million, and provides avionics support for 114 line-replaceable units. Additionally, the squadron performs periodic inspections and structural repair for 325th Fighter Wing-assigned aircraft and conducts engine maintenance and hush house test cell operations for Pratt and Whitney F-100 and F-119 engines.


The squadron was activated as the 325th Material Squadron Feb. 10, 1942 and redesignated as the 325th Service Squadron on June 13 of that year. On April 1, 1944 the unit was disbanded, but was reactivated four years later on June 9, 1948 as the 325th Maintenance Squadron (Fighter, All-Weather). On June 20, 1950, the squadron was redesignated the 325th Maintenance Squadron, but was once again deactivated Feb. 6, 1952. On Aug. 18, 1955 the unit was again activated as the 325th Field Maintenance Squadron, but was discontinued and inactivated on Oct. 1, 1962. Nearly six months later, on April 11, 1963, the squadron was revived, but was again discontinued and deactivated on June 25, 1966. The squadron came alive once more July 1, 1981 as the 325th Equipment Maintenance Squadron and was redesignated the 325th Maintenance Squadron again on Sept. 1, 1991

While there are no documented histories of the unit during World War II, other sources indicate that the unit served as a training organization, initially through the Air Force Combat Command, then for Second Air Force, Third Air Force, and Air Service Command. The squadron alerted for several moves, though the moves were not made and subsequently canceled. From June 1948 to February 1952, the unit was the 325th FW's primary aircraft maintenance squadron. From August 1955 through October 1956, the unit was the primary aircraft maintenance squadron for the 325th Fighter Group (Air Defense), and from October 1956 through October 1962 and again from July 1963 through June 1966, the unit was the primary aircraft maintenance unit for the 325th FW (Air Defense). In October 1997, the 325th MXS was partially outsourced to a civilian contractor, significantly reducing the squadron to one-third its original size. Today, intermediate-level aircraft maintenance responsibilities are co-shared by the 325th MXS and Defense Support Services.

The unit earned the American Theater World War II Service Streamer. Other awards include the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award (four times) July 1, 1981 through March 31, 1983; June 1, 1983 through May 31, 1985; July 1, 1992 through June 30, 1994; along with the most recent earned in the wing.

Through the years, the 325th MXS has been assigned at many locations including Will Roger Field in Oklahoma, Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisianna, Muroc Bombing Range in California, Hamilton AFB in California, Moses Lake AFB and McChord AFB in Washington, and Tyndall AFB in Florida.

Additional awards earned by the squadron include the Air Education and Training Command Maintenance Effectiveness Award (1994, 1995, 1996), Order of the Daedalians for Maintenance (1994), Secretary of Defense Maintenance Effectiveness Award (1995) and the AETC Maintenance Effectiveness Award Runner-up (1995).


Current as of: Oct. 20, 2021