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Procedures for Employment with the Department of the Air Force
Interested in an Air Force Job?
All external applicants are required to submit a resume as outlined in the AFPC Job Kit and then self-nominate for job announcements, either through our Civilian Employment Web Site or by calling our Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS), at 1-800-616-3775. Employees (or applicants for employment) calling from foreign areas call 1-800-699-4473. Current permanent Air Force civil service employees desiring consideration under special appointment authorities such as VRA, 30% Disabled Veteran, persons with disabilities, or Delegated Examining are required to submit a resume as outlined the AFPC Job Kit and self-nominate for job announcements, either through our Civilian Employment Web Site or by calling our Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS), at 1-800-616-3775.

When can I submit a resume?
You may submit or pre-position a resume at any time. In the case you are not interested in or qualified for a vacancy listed, it is strongly advisable that you submit your resume and have it processed. Make sure that you revisit the AFPC website weekly or call the IVRS at the above number for new vacancy announcements updated every Friday. Ensure that your resume information is current so you can be considered and available for a vacancy according to the guidelines set forth for that particular job.

How do I find vacancy announcements?
Announcements are available on both our Civilian Employment Web Site or by calling our Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) number: 1-800-616-3775. You may also subscribe to our Civilian Announcement Notification System (CANS) through the previously listed web site. Input your search criteria and when an announcement opens you will receive an e-mail notification. Announcements open once a week on Friday.

Do I need to submit a resume for each announcement?
No, our automated applicant supply file system (Resumix) can only maintain one resume at a time. Do not submit a separate resume for each vacancy. Once you submit a resume and it is on file all you need to do is self-nominate either by using our Civilian Employment Web Site or by calling our Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) number: 1-800-616-3775.

Hard to Fill and other Temporary Jobs on Tyndall AFB:
The Tyndall AFB Job Line (850) 283-2006 contains information about hard to fill Appropriated Fund, Student Temporary, and other Seasonal Temporary positions. These vacancies are the only positions the Tyndall AFB Civilian Personnel Office (CPO) locally recruits for under the new procedures. *Please pay close attention to the vacancy announcement for each position, as the details vary from job to job. *Resumes are submitted to the Tyndall CPO for locally recruited vacancies.

Appropriated Fund Employment
The Civilian Personnel Flight only hires and provides human resources services for appropriated fund civilian personnel whose positions are located in the 325th Fighter Wing, 53rd Weapons Evaluation Group, Air Force Research Lab and the Air Force Civil Engineering Support Agency. Positions within the 1st Air Force, South Eastern Air Defense Sector, and the 702nd Computer Systems Squadron are serviced by Selfridge ANG, Michigan, but vacancies are posted on the AFPC website and you can self-nominate for those positions in the same manner as you do for other vacancies available on base.

Non-Appropriated Fund (NAF) Employment:
NAF job vacancies are listed on the Tyndall AFB Job Line at (850) 283-2006 (press 2 for NAF). The NAF Human Resources office is located in Building 1127 Suwannee Road and can be reached by calling (850) 283-2019.

Other Federal Employment Opportunities:
The U.S. Government's official site for jobs and employment information provided by the United States Office of Personnel Management is http://www.usajobs.opm.gov/ The site provides information regarding current job openings, veteran's preference, online job searches, and online applications.

Employment with DoD Contractors or Private Sector Employment:
Employment information for Department of Defense contractors positions on Tyndall AFB may be found by calling or visiting The Workforce Center (formerly the Florida Jobs & Benefits Division) at http://www.workforcecenter.org/ or calling (850) 872-4340, or in person at 625 Highway 231, Panama City, FL 32405. Lockheed Martin, Del-Jen, Trend Western and King Aerospace are a few contractors on base. They have websites online to view employment opportunities or look up contact phone numbers.

Family Support Center
The Family Support Center, Bldg 745, is available for active duty military members/dependents, Guard and Reserve members/dependents when on active duty, retired military personnel/dependents and DoD civilians who are seeking employment. The Center has computer assistance to search for employment, coordinate resume information and submit resumes online.

How to Apply for Federal Jobs with the Department of the Air Force

3 Basic Steps - External Candidates Only

Step 1: Prepare the Resume. Read the Job Kit at our Civilian Employment Web Site. Complete your resume online using the Resume Writer.

Step 2: Get the announcement: Go to the web site and review the announcement to determine which jobs you may apply for. You may also visit http://www.usajobs.gov/ to review other announcements.

Step 3: Self-nominate
If you are interested in an open vacancy and have a resume on file, you must self-nominate before the closing date.

Current as of: Oct. 20, 2021