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Check-in Procedures



Temporary Lodging Reservations
As soon as you have a definite arrival date to Tyndall, you may call the Sand Dollar Inn and make reservations for either Billeting or TLF. Reservations for those on orders can be made at any time by calling (850) 283-4211 or DSN 523-4211, Ext. 3343/3346 or online by visiting their website here.

Pets are not permitted in lodging facility rooms; however, pet friendly TLF units are available (a $10 per day non-refundable charge). When calling to book a reservation, specify that you require a pet friendly unit. If a unit is not available, your sponsor can help you obtain a list of kennels in the area, or you can contact the local chamber of commerce or the Internet for local pet care facilities

Reporting Procedures

Your first stop should be the Military Personnel Customer Service Section to begin your in-processing. The MPF is located on the second floor of Building 662. If you arrive after 4:30 p.m., or on weekends or holidays, go to the 24-hour arrival point, the San Dollar Inn located in Bldg 1332, Suwannee Ave.

Documents to Hand Carry

Important papers should not be packed with your household goods or hold baggage. Plan to take the following items with you: ID cards, PCS orders, passports, leave authorizations, shot records for you and your family, medical records, all documents pertaining to the shipment of household goods including your personal inventory and/or pictures of your possessions, appraisals for valuable items, last leave and earnings statement, Power of Attorney (check expiration date), wills, bank books, state and federal tax records, deeds and mortgages, professional licenses, car registration, spouse resume and last pay statement, list of stocks and bonds, social security cards, school records for children, letters of credit for utility waivers, original birth and adoption records, and naturalization records.

Married Service members
If you get married before you PCS, you MUST inform your commander and follow the procedures exactly as you are given them. The military WILL NOT PAY for travel and housing expense of your spouse if you do not follow proper procedures.

Personal Property Shipments

Upon your arrival, contact the Traffic Management Office at (850) 283-4262. TMO is located in Building 662, and provides customer service from 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

You will need to provide a telephone number where you can be reached as soon as your shipment arrives. When you call, you will be provided the current status of your personal property shipment. As soon as you know your permanent address, call TMO and schedule a delivery date for your goods. A specific time for delivery cannot be promised, so plan to be at your residence between 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. to avoid attempted delivery charges.

If you need to arrange for another shipment to Tyndall, or if you made a do-it-yourself (DITY) move, bring your orders and all shipment documents to TMO for assistance.

Current as of: Oct. 20, 2021