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  • 2023 Hurricane Season; are you prepared?

    Every year members of Tyndall must organize and prepare for Hurricane season. For the Emergency Management flight, it is their responsibility to prepare, prevent, mitigate, recover and respond to any natural disasters or chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear events both man-made and

  • The first strike; F-35A Lightning II training engine arrives to Tyndall

    While pilots are most often the first thing that comes to mind when a fifth-generation fighter jet zooms overhead, it’s the maintainers and ground support that keeps an aircraft airborne. Recently, the first piece of maintenance training equipment arrived at Tyndall - an F135 maintenance trainer

  • TALA; how to lead the Airmen of tomorrow

    While the rank structure is essential to military operations, it can be difficult to transition from one rank to another when there is a lack of leadership experience. The Tyndall Airman Leadership Academy was stood up to provide upcoming noncommissioned officers an open communication forum to learn

  • Slow and steady builds the flightline

    Zone 1 is the single largest military construction contract on record in the Air Force database. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers awarded a $532 million contract towards 12 construction projects that will have direct impact on the incoming F-35A Lightning II mission. Beginning in September 2022,

  • Winning battles on the ground to fight in the sky

    TYNDALL AIR FORCE BASE, Fla.- After 11 years of perseverance, commitment, and life-threatening illness, an F-16 pilot with the 55th Fighter Squadron, Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina, was bestowed the call sign “Atlas” during Checkered Flag 23-2, hosted by the 325th Fighter Wing.

  • New Mission, New Equipment

    The 325th Fighter Wing has begun the process of acquiring new aerospace ground equipment in preparation for the incoming F-35A Lightning II mission. With new equipment ready to go, the 95th Fighter Generation Squadron will continue the checkertail legacy of projecting unrivaled combat airpower with

  • The life and death of WSEP missiles

    Tyndall Air Force Base is one of the select few locations in the U.S. Department of Defense where weapons system testing with live-fire missiles is a regular activity. Tyndall’s prime access to the Eastern Gulf of Mexico (EGOMEX) provides aircraft of all shapes and sizes with an airspace large

  • Sharing the love and thunder: F-35A Lightning Mission

    In preparation for the incoming F-35A Lightning II fighter mission, local civic leaders and Airmen from Team Tyndall had the unique opportunity to tour the Lockheed Martin F-35 production facility in Fort Worth Dallas, Texas, April 26, 2023. No matter the installation, community support is vital to

  • Forging the future through children

    The 325th Fighter Wing recently invited children, teachers, and board members with the Bay County Elevate Bay program to tour Team Tyndall’s “Installation of the Future”. The Elevate Bay program aims to support and encourage at-risk children in Bay County by connecting them with role models from the