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  • 325th LRS POL: The lifeblood of air dominance

    Directly supporting Tyndall’s F-35A Lightning II fleet and exercises such as Checkered Flag, one of the Department of Defense’s largest aerial combat exercises, the 325th Logistics Readiness Squadron’s petroleum, oils and lubricants flight provides vital support in maintaining unrivaled air

  • Tyndall Air Force Base is a No Drone Zone

    As the largest career field in the Air Force, it’s the job of Security Forces to protect Air Force personnel, facilities and assets. With the rapid increase of technology, the availability of small unmanned aircraft systems, commonly known as drones, has risen and represents a significant challenge

  • Checkered Flag: Tyndall’s coalition exercise showcases combat airpower

    During the 24-1 iteration of Checkered Flag, one of the Department of Defense’s largest air-to-air exercises, the Royal Australian Air Force’s No. 2 Squadron, based out of RAAF Base Williamtown, Australia, alongside other participating units trained and prepared resilient coalition forces capable of

  • From one mission to the next; installation and Airmen evolve

    “… Runway 14R, wind 140 at 10, you are cleared to land,” 14-year-old Jacob Ritchie sat quietly at the window of his room in a nearby hotel overlooking the local airfield. The voices of distant air traffic controllers crackled over the radio directing pilots into the Manchester-Boston Regional

  • The 325th MXS complex goes vertical

    As Tyndall Air Force Base's fleet of F-35A Lightning IIs continues to grow, construction in Zone 1 is well underway.Zone 1 is slated consist of 12 newly constructed facilities upon completion. Zone 1 facilities directly support Tyndall's mission in projecting unrivaled combat airpower by not only

  • Getting better with AGE

    The world of aircraft maintenance is critical to the Air Force’s ability to generate air dominance. One particular group of maintainers can be overlooked among the many different maintenance career fields.

  • Substance abuse prevention

    Substance abuse prevention is an integral part of ensuring mission readiness and the ADAPT program ran by the 325th OMRS Mental Health unit is made to help.

  • Dad’s workshop prepares Tyndall members for fatherhood

    U.S. Airmen must maintain and undergo vigorous training to remain capable of projecting combat airpower around the globe. But what training do these combat ready airmen receive when becoming a brand-new parent? With this experience in mind, Tyndall’s Family Advocacy Program formed “Dads: The

  • Airey NCOA welcomes new commandant

    Chief Master Sgt. Stephanie Patterson took responsibility of The Paul W. Airey Noncommissioned Officer Academy at Tyndall Air Force Base. She has a passion for enlisted professional military education and is prepared to lead instructors and students as they become leaders in the U.S. Air Force.

  • Rucking through adversity

    Through trial and error Staff Sgt. Logan Turner, 325th Contracting Squadron contract administrator, dedicated himself to a physical test, the Norwegian Ruck March. This commentary examines Turners mindset, struggles, and victories he went through to get where he is today.