Child Development Center; serving Airmen and their families

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Magen M. Reeves
  • 325th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

Mission success has many demands on service members, their spouses and children. Providing unrivaled combat airpower and support for Airmen propelling air dominance across the globe requires the support of numerous base agencies. The Child Development Center at Tyndall is ready to shoulder their part of the commitment to excellence.

Active duty personnel have first priority to enroll their children at the CDC and can be from any branch of service. Department of Defense civilian personnel are also able to apply on a case by case basis.

“We help the mission succeed by allowing our military families to be prepared to fulfill their duties,” said Davis. “We take care of the most (important thing in their lives). They put 100 percent trust in us to provide the finest care for their children. If I’m not able to offer affordable quality care for the parents, they couldn’t complete the mission.”

Each day begins as facility staff receive children being dropped off by their parents prior to the hustle and bustle of the duty day.

“Every morning it is a pleasure to be the first one at work to open and prepare the building to accept children and the families,” Davis continued. “There is nothing else I would rather do.”

Childcare providers have several responsibilities beyond simply ensuring children are cared for under their watch.

As part of her duties as a CDC clerk, Davis handles administrative tasks such as intakes and coordination with families. As a childcare provider, she creates and carries out daily activities for and with the children, supervises children, conducts accountability and lends a helping hand wherever she can.

“The purpose of the CDC is to be responsible for supporting the development of the whole child, which means all areas of development are equally important,” said Davis. “We respect each child’s unique interest, experience, abilities and needs, allowing us to be responsible to and appropriate for each child.”

Providing Checkertail Airmen with easy access to childcare during the duty day allows service members to stay mission focused knowing the base is supporting not only them, but their little ones as well.

“Children are the future of our communities,” Davis continued. “I’m responsible for the happiness of so many beyond myself. Each day brings new excitements…I celebrate the little moments.”