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  • It's a 'shamal world' for combat weather Airmen

    Believe it or not, there are some Airmen whose job it is to predict the future. They don't predict winning lottery numbers or the location of a special someone; combat weather forecasters predict something more precious to flight operations than money or love -- they predict the weather. The 10 Airmen assigned to the 332nd Expeditionary Operations
  • Citizenship path for Airmen now a total-force reality

    In support of Total-Force integration, U.S. citizenship application forms, checklists and other supporting documents recently became available to Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard members through the virtual Personnel Center-Guard Reserve link on the Air Reserve Personnel Center Web site. Like the active duty virtual military personnel
  • Education Center to open test center

    The 325th Mission Support Squadron Education Center and Gulf Coast Community College are scheduled to open a national test center here July 11. The center will provide computerized CLEP and Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support exams at 9 a.m. every Friday. Instead of waiting six to eight weeks, students will get instantaneous
  • Tyndall operations scheduled to evolve

    Tyndall Air Force Base personnel will initiate the Global Wing Structure Program Action Directive 08-01, realigning the wing's maintenance units under their respective fighter squadrons, Aug. 1. According to Air Force Print News, Gen. Michael Moseley, Air Force chief of staff, signed PAD 08-01 May 12. The directive will structure Air Force units by
  • Free service provides commuters an alternative, relief

    A free service is available for those interested in decreasing the cost of their daily commute. The State of Florida Department of Transportation, in conjunction with the West Florida Regional Planning Counsel offers a ride-share service that matches registered commuters with others who have similar daily routes. The program, called "Ride On," has
  • Reduce pets pesky pests

    Fleas are a problem throughout most of the country and the world, but because of the moist climate and limited flea-killing frosts Floridians have to be particularly vigilant when it comes to protecting their pets from these pests. The key to good flea control involves treating pets as well as their environment. All immature flea stages (eggs,
  • Commissary goes green

    Commissary customers worldwide have purchased more than 1 million reusable bags since its arrival to commissaries in October. Locally, Tyndall Air Force Base Commissary customers have purchased approximately 10,000 reusable shopping bags from the commissary and are still purchasing them regularly. The machine washable, reusable and recyclable bags
  • Boneheads reunite, celebrate strong warrior heritage

    Sepia-toned photographs of war heroes cover the walls of Tyndall's 95th Fighter Squadron. Relics of fighter aviation history are cased in glass on display, and in a dimly lit room called 'The Crypt,' an eclectic collection of fighter pilot memorabilia can be found. More than 35 students and instructor pilots, known as the 'Boneheads,' call the