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  • Eagle's soar - Tyndall maintainers on record-setting roll

    Major improvements made while maintaining the three-decade old F-15 Eagle have marked fiscal 2007 as one of the greatest turnaround years for aircraft and maintenance performance indicators in the history of Tyndall. "Our maintainers stepped up to a challenge - a challenge to excel and to strive to be the best," said Col. Brett Haswell, 325th
  • Three generations of Bronze Stars

    It's rare to receive a military decoration for combat as an Airman. It's very rare to receive the same award your mother once received. And it's extremely rare to receive an award that both your mother and grandfather received before you. Staff Sgt. Jonathan Morrison, 325th Civil Engineering Squadron explosive ordnance disposal craftsman, was
  • Youth saving money for the future

    Saving money can be a hard habit to pick up. Debt in U.S. households rose from 96 percent of personal disposable income in 2000, to 113 percent at the end of 2004, according to U.S. News and World Report. With personal debt in America increasing, educating our children about financial responsibility has become a priority at Tyndall Elementary
  • Summer Camp helps stave off summer boredom

    School's out for summer! Well, it may not be yet, but it will be very soon - and the Tyndall Youth Center has the solution to vacation boredom: Summer Camp. Starting the day after school officially ends, Summer Camp will bring on the activities, field trips and a fun and safe environment for kids to hang out. "The most exciting part about our
  • Top FS awarded 'bragging rights'

    Will the 95th Fighter Squadron claim a three-peat victory and again have bragging rights as the top Tyndall Fighter Squadron? The 95th FS earned bragging rights by winning the Turkey Shoot competition the last two consecutive times the competition was held here. Pulling off another win against the 2nd and 43rd Fighter Squadrons will be an even
  • Spring fever

  • Tyndall’s top ACMI expert is AETC ‘employee of the year’

    The results of the 2006 Air Education and Training Command Flying Training awards have come in, and a member from Tyndall has walked away with one of them. Skip Sanders, 325th Operations Support Squadron Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation functional director won the "AETC Flying Training Support Employee of the Year." "Support Employee of the
  • Tyndall awards volunteers, commends community service

    Numerous members of Tyndall's military community were recognized for their voluntary service on and off base at the annual Volunteer Recognition ceremony Monday, when three volunteers were given top honors. Tech. Sgt. Esther Whitcomb, a reservist at the 601st Air Operations Center, took top honors, being awarded the 2007 Presidents Volunteer