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  • Tyndall cops head back to Iraq in force for detainee operations

    The 325th Security Forces Squadron is headed back to the fight again this time with an unprecedented amount of troops to support detainee operations in Iraq. Tyndall has Airmen assigned to both Iraq and Afghanistan at all times, but security forces are deployed more than any other organization on Tyndall AFB. However, this time they will contribute
  • Silver Carpet Ride

    "Hello honey. How was work? What did you do today?" This may be the usual conversation starter when a husband or wife returns home from work, and the most common response may be, "Busy. . . I did the same thing I do every day." So what does the "same thing I do every day" mean? For spouses of members assigned to the 325th Operations Support
  • Annoying chirp... good cause

    Picture the following in your mind: It's early evening on a Saturday. You have just settled onto the couch for a couple hours of watching your favorite college football team play in the big game. You have everything you need by your side - beverages, popcorn and the little stuffed team mascot. You kick your feet up onto the ottoman, grab the remote
  • Local student balances life's demands, is recognized with scholarship

    For a freshman student at Gulf Coast Community College, striking a balance between employment and education is a daily challenge. Stephanie Fields, a student studying elementary education at Gulf Coast Community College, works more than 25 hours a week as an assistant manager, while also tackling a demanding academic course load. "Working is
  • Pentagon Channel to launch off base on Mediacom

    The Pentagon Channel will launch today on Mediacom Communication's channel 4 in the local Panama City area. The Pentagon Channel, which is the Department of Defense's cable television channel, broadcasts military news and information for and about the 2.6 million members of the U.S. Armed Forces: Active Duty, Guard, and Reserve. The channel airs
  • Earth Day: An annual event with increasing importance

    Formed in 1970 with a mission to protect the environment and public health, the Environmental Protection Agency has made tremendous strides in protecting natural resources and the environment. The accomplishments of the EPA in the realm of legislation and public policy are many, but grass-roots, individual efforts have made a similarly significant
  • Tyndall students receive $13,000 in academic support from Officers’ Spouses Club

    What is a scholarship? To many students, a scholarship is the only thing that lies between them and a college education. Scholarships help students by aiding them with funding, which will allow them to further their education. The Tyndall Officers' Spouses Club will present $13,000 in academic scholarships to students at 4:30 p.m. today at the
  • Discontinued Use of DD Form 2220(Vehicle Decal)

    The 325 FW/CC has authorized the discontinued use of the DD Form 2220(vehicle decal) for Tyndall AFB, which took effect March 15. The DOD ID card will be the primary proof of authorization to enter the base. Gate sentries will utilize, but not limited to, driver's license, insurance and registration for ID verification. There are multiple reasons
  • There’s no such thing as being too safe

    Everything you have planned has gone your way. You have been very cautious and careful with each step you have taken. Although you have paid very close attention to detail, there will always be a chance for something to go wrong. Recently, a 22 year-old Staff Sgt. from Tyndall was in an accident when he lost control of his motorcycle Saturday. The
  • 'Robotics Week' will put local students at helm of advanced AF technology

    Local students will soon have the rare opportunity to interact with those doing some of the most dangerous jobs in the military. The Air Force Research Laboratory's Robotics Research Group will host the second annual "Robotics Week" for local students April 30 through May 4. "This is a week-long event devoted to providing hands-on participation and