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  • NSPS training mandatory for supervisors

    Base personnel will be changing the way they do business as approximately 125 non-bargaining unit personnel assigned to Tyndall will convert to the National Security Personnel System Jan. 21, 2007. This conversion from the General Schedule System marks the beginning of a landmark transformation of the Department of Defense's human resources from a
  • Uniform board to release updates to AFI

    An update to Air Force Instruction 36-2903, Air Force Uniform Dress and Appearance, will soon be released, said Air Force officials. A key feature of this updated instruction will be the return of heritage to the enlisted corps -- chevrons on the sleeves and circles around the U.S. insignia. "Over the years, we've made changes that made sense at
  • Conserving water: You can help

    Everyone in Bay County, whether on-base or off, can help out the whole community by conserving water. Monthly review and comparison of water consumption to previous years shows the county has increased it monthly consumption in 2006. Water conservation needs to be done on a constant basis. Water may be a renewable resource to a certain extent, but
  • Airman sentenced for drug use

    An Airman was convicted of two specifications of wrongful use of marijuana in a special court-martial held here June 22. Airman Eric Williams, assigned to 325th AMXS, was charged with two specification of wrongful use of marijuana, in violation of Article 112a of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, after he tested positive on drug tests in
  • F-15 fires live AIM-7 from base inventory

    Four AIM-7 Sparrow missiles from the Tyndall AFB inventory were fired July 19 by an F-15 pilot as part of the Weapons Systems Evaluation Program here. The missile, known as "The Great White Hope," became operational in 1953 and has since been credited with more than 70 kills in air-to-air combat. The radar-guided missile was advanced for its time,
  • Gen. Moseley: New bomber on horizon for 2018

     A new bomber scheduled for operation as early as 2018 will enhance America's long-range strike capabilities, according to Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. T. Michael Moseley in a recent Armed Services Committee speech. In a step to develop future long-range strike capabilities, Air Combat Command is conducting a study that is looking at aircraft
  • 2007 Force Shaping

    Air Force officials recently announced new force-shaping initiatives to be used to meet the required 2007 fiscal year end strength numbers. The new initiatives are designed to bring the Officer numbers down as the enlisted end-strength numbers are on target for 2007. Officials said more than 8,000 officers must separate either through normal
  • Circled insignia implementation dates announced

    Following the Air Force chief of staff's vision of "lasting heritage - limitless horizons," the Air Force uniform board made minor changes to the enlisted uniform. These changes include returning to the U.S. insignia with circle for the service dress uniform and the deletion of the optional shoulder board rank for the blue uniform, making the
  • Security Forces steps up traffic enforcement

    You're speeding through housing and you pass an unmarked government vehicle with a person using a speed measuring device. At first, there are no lights, no siren, but you pull around the corner and Security Forces is waiting for you with a traffic citation in hand. This scenario has been a reality for some Tyndall drivers. Due to an increasing
  • Tyndall spearheads F-22, ABM integration

    The 325th Air Control Squadron and 43rd Fighter Squadron here are making significant advances integrating F-22 Raptor fighter tactics with command and control operations, enhancing the capabilities of both. One of the new advances is the ability to send text messages from command and control platforms to the Raptor using high-speed digital data