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  • Staff sergeant sentenced in court martial

    A staff sergeant was convicted of one specification of wrongful use of cocaine in a special court-martial held here Sept. 13. Staff Sgt. Earl Ellis II, 325th Maintenance Squadron, pled guilty to violating Article 112a of the Uniform Code of Military Justice before a military judge, admitting to using cocaine in March. After testing positive during
  • Forecaster shares love of weather with students

    Rain rains. Wind blows. But, who knows what the weather holds? Tech. Sgt. Publio Casillas knows. This rhyme was true to the second graders of Tyndall Elementary School when they were visited by the 325th Operations Support Squadron weather flight mission services element NCO in charge. During a career presentation Sept. 28, Sergeant Casillas spent
  • Oktoberfest provides entertainment for all

    The 325th Services Squadron hosted Oktoberfest Sept. 30 here. The annual event featured German food, music, exploding pumpkins, a car show and entertainment for Tyndall families and guests.
  • Medical group gets personal about breast cancer awareness

    With four patients newly diagnosed with breast cancer in the last six weeks here, Tyndall's health clinic takes National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and woman's health seriously. When people like Keri Haberstroh, military spouse, are diagnosed with cancer, they rely on the 325th Medical Group for the medical care and support they need. "When
  • GMH Military Housing named as new developer

     Upon completion of the Congressional notification period, GMH Military Housing was officially named as Tyndall's housing privatization developer Oct. 12. "Today, more than 38 percent of Air Force family housing does not meet modern standards and requires either major improvement or replacement." said Lt. Col. Sue Grumbach, 325th Civil Engineer
  • One extreme meets another

    A pilot of the skies shared his adrenaline rush-filled profession with a 'pilot' of the snow during an incentive ride that took off from Tyndall's runway Tuesday. While soaring on the wings of an F-15 Eagle, Steve Scheuring, owner of an Air Force-sponsored snocross team, learned more about the service he represents from Maj. Mark Hayes, 1st Fighter
  • Raptors fly through first 5,000 hours

    The F-22 Raptors of the 43rd Fighter Squadron here collectively reached the 5,000 flying hour mark Sept. 20. Tyndall is the second base to reach the 5,000 hour milestone with the Raptor following Edwards AFB, Calif. This feat may seem insignificant compared to the many hours of other fighter aircraft, but the Raptor's journey here has been an
  • O'Dark Thirty

  • Airmen join services in combat training before deployment

    Tyndall has sent 18 Airmen to attend Army ground combat skills training, preparing them for operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom deployments. The Airmen require the training because they will be assigned duties outside their normal Air Force specialties. In the near-term, these numbers are expected to increase substantially. One Tyndall
  • Security Forces cautions motorists entering, exiting gate

    Since 9/11, security at Air Force base gates has continued to be "beefed up" like the newly constructed Sabre Gate here. "Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Devices are a real threat to any installation and are frequently used by terrorists," said Capt. Michael Bernatt, 325th Security Forces Squadron operations officer. "Spike strips are designed