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  • Raptors fly through first 5,000 hours

    The F-22 Raptors of the 43rd Fighter Squadron here collectively reached the 5,000 flying hour mark Sept. 20. Tyndall is the second base to reach the 5,000 hour milestone with the Raptor following Edwards AFB, Calif. This feat may seem insignificant compared to the many hours of other fighter

  • Airmen join services in combat training before deployment

    Tyndall has sent 18 Airmen to attend Army ground combat skills training, preparing them for operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom deployments. The Airmen require the training because they will be assigned duties outside their normal Air Force specialties. In the near-term, these numbers are

  • Security Forces cautions motorists entering, exiting gate

    Since 9/11, security at Air Force base gates has continued to be "beefed up" like the newly constructed Sabre Gate here. "Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Devices are a real threat to any installation and are frequently used by terrorists," said Capt. Michael Bernatt, 325th Security Forces

  • Air Force launches profile on MySpace

    The Air Force is joining the Internet's largest social networking site and entered the MySpace race when it launched its own user profile Monday. With close to 98 million registered users, is an ideal venue for the Air Force to connect with potential recruits and promote awareness for

  • Air Force Personnel Center adds SRP, CJR to virtual MPF

    The Air Force will add the Selective Reenlistment and Career Job Reservation programs to the virtual Military Personnel Flight, furthering Personnel Services Delivery Transformation. Beginning Sept. 1, the automated SRP process will e-mail commanders a monthly roster notifying them of their Airmen

  • Tyndall CFC efforts need push to meet goal

    Tyndall members interested in contributing to charitable organizations through the annual Combined Federal Campaign must submit pledge cards by Oct. 24. Combined Federal Campaign is an annual program giving Airmen the opportunity to donate to local, state and national charitable organizations. Last

  • Tyndall aims for base, Air Force energy goals

    As the largest consumer of energy in the Department of Defense, the Air Force has developed a two-part strategy to reduce energy consumption and waste. "This strategy of assured domestic supply and aggressive energy conservation will benefit our entire Air Force, but we need all Airmen to do their

  • Watch What You Heat

    How often has the doorbell rung or a child interrupted you while you were cooking, causing you to forget about the chicken you left sizzling on the stove until smoke filled the house? If this scenario or a similar one doesn't sound familiar, you may want to think about it more because it's likely

  • Air Force Memorial completed

    The Air Force Memorial's stainless steel spires were finished Sept. 21. Reaching a height of 270 feet and located on a promontory overlooking Arlington Cemetery, the memorial will transform the greater Washington, D.C., skyline and provide visitors with a commanding view of the nation's Capitol,