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  • Tyndall welcomes new librarian

    The base library recently welcomed their newest technician to Team Tyndall. Emily Copeland, 325th Force Support Squadron librarian, whose very first job was as a bookshelver, says she has come “full circle.”

  • Meet the Commander: Maj. James Johnson

    From Hispaniola, the Caribbean country of Haiti, to the Americas, one Airman turned leader never expected the huge impact the Air Force would have in his life nor did he expect the people he would encounter. U.S. Air Force Maj. James Johnson, the new commander of the 325th Communication Squadron,

  • Meet the Commander: Maj. Anthony George

    What you want to be when you grow up is an age old question, and making it to ‘pros’ in the sports world is a childhood dream for many. This dream was shared by a young boy from the heart of Colorado, a dream that led him into the U.S. Air Force Academy.

  • One Step at a Time: An Airman’s Journey through LGBT acceptance

    Racial discrimination was abolished in the U.S. Armed Force in 1948 leading to the end of segregation in the services. The U.S. military continued its endeavor to be an inclusive, equal opportunity organization as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was repealed, allowing lesbian, gay and bisexual members to

  • New career assistance advisor paves way for Airmen

    First-term Airmen often find themselves unsure of their next career move. Whether Airmen find themselves pondering separation, reenlisting, or cross-training, Tyndall’s Career Assistance Advisor can help Airmen make the right decision.

  • Education Fair Coming Soon

    The 325th Force Support Squadron and Tyndall Education Office are hosting the free annual Tyndall AFB Summer Education Fair slated for June 23 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Horizons Community Center.

  • Stripes to Gold Bars

    Imagine hearing news that leaves you frozen in a blank state, a flood of thoughts and emotions rush through you after you discover your hard earned stripes are about to be traded in for gold bars. This was how Nathaniel Crocker felt the moment he found out he was selected for an officer’s

  • SOTW: 325th OSS/ ATCALS Flight

    This week we take a look at the 325th Operations Support Squadron's Air Traffic Control and Landing Systems (ATCALS) flight and their mission to "Advance and Sustain Resources and Infrastructure."